Capturing moments with the Nokia 7 Plus

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A lot of new phones and features pop out here and there nowadays. With the endless selection of gadgets in this digital age, reliability and power are the two main components that influencers look for when it comes to choosing their phones.

Made for creators to deliver content, the Nokia 7 Plus has the screen, power, design and features to make it one of a kind in their smartphone range. Here's a short review of the phone:

1. Long Battery Life

To enable people to capture more content for longer periods of time, the Nokia 7 Plus is backed by the Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 660 Mobile Platform. It’s been optimized and integrated for maximum performance and battery life. When I switched to my Nokia 7 Plus, bringing around a power bank was not a necessity anymore when it comes to going out and traveling. 

2. Big, High-definition screen

The 6-inch 18:9 Full HD+ display makes the Nokia 7 Plus perfect for browsing and editing photos, watching my favorite movies and tv shows, gaming and of course, taking photos. 

3. Camera modes

The phone features ultra-sensitive cameras with ZEISS optics.

o #Bothie mode – makes use of both front and back cameras simultaneously to capture the ultimate #Bothie photo

o Pro Camera mode – Gives you quick and easy manual control with advanced camera settings in real-time so you can see the impact of each adjustment before you take the photo. No more filters!

Without a doubt, the Nokia 7 Plus would be on top of my list as the phone to recommend for influencers and content creators. With it's reliability, convenience and amazing features, this phone will never let you down. 

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