All Fired Up: Tokyo Tokyo's Red Togarashi Tempura

8:15 PM

I've always been such a huge admirer of the Japanese culture, most especially their cuisine. Besides ramen, gyoza, teriyaki, and donburi, the tempura is one of the country’s most beloved dishes. Just last month, I went on a trip to Japan and I must say that this dish is definitely one of my favorites. But luckily, I don’t need to fly to Japan all over again just to satisfy my cravings!
Tokyo Tokyo, in keeping up with its tradition of making high-quality, delicious, and accessible Japanese food to Filipinos, has recreated the popular and enduring tempura with a new and colorful twist to excite tempura lovers (like me). 
Excite your palate with the firing flavors of the new Red Togarashi Tempura! The Red Togarashi Tempura by Tokyo Tokyo is a spicier variant of the beloved Classic Prawn Tempura. Cooked to perfection in its bright red breading and sprinkled with togarashi, a unique blend of Japanese chili peppers, the Red Togarashi Tempura is a different, yet thrilling take on the tempura that’s kicking with flavor. I'm personally not a fan of spicy food but I'd gladly make this dish an exception. 
Spice things up with the new Red Togarashi Tempura at Tokyo Tokyo for only Php 175! This meal comes with 3pcs tempura, vegetable misono, tempura sauce, and unlimited rice (for dine-in customers only) to enjoy to your heart’s content. You can also order 4pc and 6pc tempura platters with any combination of classic and red tempura!
Hungry yet? Go on and head on to your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch to try out this new take on the Classic Tempura!

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