Bohol: Vlog and Photo Journal

5:48 AM

The original plan was to travel to the place we've always dreamed of going to here in the Philippines which was Palawan. Due to Gil's inability to swim and dive, our procrastination when it came to booking flights and our laziness to plan, we ended up in another paradise instead; Bohol. 

Believe it or not, we booked our flights and hotel 3 days prior to the day that we planned on leaving. Gil has a very tight schedule and since I was on Christmas break, we blocked off a few dates to spend some time together and to travel. A staycation in Manila was not enough because we felt the need to get away from the city for a while. Bohol gave us just that.

The infamous Blood Compact Shrine was located right beside our hotel which was so convenient for us 

We rode a tricycle to the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella to see these little creatures
There were 8 tarsiers in the sanctuary and we got to see 5 of them!

The view from our hotel (Ocean Suites Bohol)
We traveled to Alona Beach to take a dip but we ended up arriving when the sun was down already so we ended up on a food trip!

The staff of Ocean Suites were very accommodating and friendly, the food was amazing as well.
There were two pools in the hotel, a lower pool and an infinity pool located at the top floor. Both pools provided excellent views of the ocean and the sky. 
Got a bit lazy because our bed was too comfy, the hotel was quite peaceful and quiet as well

If you're traveling to Bohol, I recommend planning it out and having an itinerary. Bohol is a beautiful place but all the tourists spots are located far away from each other which makes it difficult to go around if you don't rent out a car. We weren't able to visit the infamous Chocolate Hills but we definitely plan on going back to Bohol to see it.

Photos taken using the Fujifilm X-A3
Song: Fantasy - Alina Baraz

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