Your Summer Essential: The Partyphile Festival Pass

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The Partyphile Festival Pass is the ultimate premium membership in the Partyphile App and that means that you’ll be getting no less than the best treatment no matter which parties you go to whether it be bars, clubs or festivals!

What are the perks of having a festival pass?

1. No need to wait! Just flash your Party ID in your Partyphile App showing that you're a Festival Pass holder to the Festival or club you want to go to and you’ll get to skip the line or enter in the Partyphile lane! It's the easy!

2. FREE DRINKSOn regular club nights, you are entitled to go to any club and get free booze for yourself in every club you visit for that night. Yes, every. club. you. visit. Just flash your Party ID and claim your drink stubs from the reception to claim your drink at the bar

3. Bring your friends with you! The good news is you can now go to regular club nights and bring 3 of your friends with you for free! This is only applicable to clubs/events that don't require tickets.

4. You'll always be updated! The Partyphile crew will make sure that you are up-to-date with all the parties that you can go to on a weekly basis They will be sending you regular email and text blasts on a weekly basis for where you can use your Festival Pass so you won’t miss out on any party.

5. You won't miss out on the festivals and parties! The Festival Pass will give you access to the best Festivals every month. With the Festival Pass, you can now go to any Festival you want for 30 days. For example, if you buy our Festival Pass on April 22, 2016; you can get access to the following events which includes ZoukOutSummer Sun and Close Up Forever Summer

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Make the most out of this summer and get yourself a Festival Pass now!
Check out for more details! 

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