La Senza Bra Fit Event

11:18 PM

As women, we all go through that 
awkward phase of being introduced to the world of underwear. Or to be more specific, the world of bras. I was troubled (still kinda am) when it came to choosing which bras would fit me, what I'm supposed to wear and what the sizes are. It was all a confusion to me and believe it or not, up until a week ago it still was. Thanks to the very lovely and accommodating people from La Senza, I've become aware of all the different concepts and the right ways of bra fitting.

Mr. Matthew Gregg, the La Senza Market Manager (based in Singapore), gave us an empowering talk on how the brand can make women feel more confident. Undergarments are usually overlooked and unappreciated. When I'm wearing something that makes me feel good and sexy even when it's not worn to show to the world, I feel a certain boost of confidence that is quite unexplainable but I'm sure you all understand. 

Ms. Vanessa Lau on the other hand, the La Senza Area Manager (based in Singapore as well), pointed out a few things and errors when it comes to wearing bras. I learned so much in a single talk and the lessons I've learned were applied right after the event. I started being more conscious (in a good way) when it came to purchasing bras and wearing them the proper way.

Nonetheless, it was a very successful and informative event. All thanks to La Senza! Make sure you drop by their stores and the lovely staff of La Senza would be glad to assist you and help you out! 

Special thanks to Lorenz Namalata and Nikita Conwi for the photos! 

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