Note to Self

11:20 PM

I've been spending a lot of time alone in my room reading through sappy and sad articles around Thought Catalog. The weather probably contributed to the gloomy mood I've been feeling the past few days. But besides that, I was scrolling through articles and found myself reading one that talks about slut-shaming. This caught my attention because I realized how easy it is for people nowadays to label someone as something. "Slut" being one of the extremely judgmental and degrading words frequently used to call someone who dresses up provocatively. Lately I must admit that I've been dressing up more provocatively and daring than I did before. I also realized that I've been anxious about a certain thing when it comes to posting photos on social media; being afraid to be called "slutty". In all honesty I believe that dressing up daringly does not equate to being "slutty". I'd like to emphasize that there is a fine line between being a "slut" and being comfortable with showing skin when it comes to dressing up. Showing skin does not mean that you're degrading yourself or you have no respect for your own body. I personally believe that it's okay to wear something that makes you feel sexy without having to be concerned about what people will think. But then, a thing that we all have to keep in mind is that we should know the appropriate time and place to dress up in the manner that we choose to. A girl can still look classy even when she's showing skin. A girl can also still look classy without showing skin. Sophistication and class is not defined by how much skin we hide or show. 

Credits to Erica Laraya for the amazing photos // @_larayers on IG

Gown designed by Emy Cruz

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