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A few months ago, I've graduated from high school which was supposedly the "best time" of my life. I strongly disagree with this belief considering the fact that I studied in a very conservative all-girls school. I was very determined to make my summer after high school the best one yet and so far, that has been working out for me.

Having a 4 month-long summer, I've been able to do so many things in my life that I have been restricted from doing before I graduated. Things like appearing on mass media, being able to be free to post whatever I want and to finally not wear a uniform every single weekday of my life. This summer has been all about testing my limits, finding myself and trying out new things.

The past few months have been amazing; meeting new people from different walks of life, attending events that I've never thought I would ever go to, taking blogging and modeling a bit more seriously and spending more time with the people I love. I can actually say that I am currently having the time of my life right now and I am very grateful for that. 

So far, this summer made me realize how different and diverse people are. How we should give every person a chance to teach us a lesson. Because honestly, I see it as a gift. Each person we meet teaches us at least one thing about the world; if not, makes us realize that the way we see the world isn't how everyone sees it. Because we all go through different things, we came from different places and we have to struggle through different problems. Now, this blog post is getting a little bit too spiritual but I'm glad you're still with me if you're still reading.

I still have a month of summer left and I'm planning to enjoy it and relax as much as I can before college starts. So here's a little overview of how my summer has been so far plus of course, an outfit post for the summer in one of my favorite sets from H&M. 

I'd also like to thank you all for 10k on Instagram!!!! I'm really glad that you all still follow me despite my annoying posts and captions. Related to that, I'd like to invite you guys to go to Gathergram this July 11-12 at Metrotent, Libis! It's going to be a bazaar/meet-up for all your favorite instagram influencers! Come by on July 11 at around 12 noon to get a chance to meet your favorite people from instagram. I will be posting on instagram details on how to get free tickets and more details about the event :) Hope to see you guys there! 

H&M tropical twin set / Jack Parcell Sneakers from Converse

Photos by: Erica Laraya | Make-up by: Rina Licup

A few photos from the summer: 

Close-Up Forever Summer  

              Moving in to a new home 

 Cosmopolitan's 18th Anniversary with Dani

Preview 20th Anniversary Gala with Vince, Patrik and Richard

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