Travels: Baler, Aurora

5:38 AM

A few weeks ago, my family and I decided to take a break from the city and immerse ourselves in a different kind of adventure. Something that we've never tried before. Someplace exotic, new and full of adventure. Aurora was the perfect answer for what we were looking for. The 7-8 hour drive to the beach was definitely worth it. Aurora is known as the surfing capital of the North and it definitely lived up to that title. Surfing in Baler was stress-relieving and easy. The view from the hotel was amazing and the horizon was worth waking up for at 6 am.

My family and I also tried a new adventure by visiting the Ditumabo Falls, also know as the Mother Falls in Aurora. It is known for having crystal clear waters. Towering at around 140 feet and with the cold water from the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, the falls is an icon in the province. The trek took about an hour and thirty minutes for a 2km hike but all that hassle was worth it. It was a pretty fun trek because of all the beautiful things you can see all around you. 

It took about an hour and thirty minutes to finally get a glimpse of the majestic falls. This may sound cheesy but the moment I saw the falls, my jaw literally dropped. It was like a movie scene, seeing the falls for the first time. I don't have a lot of moments in my life when everything around me moves slowly. Seeing this beautiful view for the first time took my breath away. I'm an old soul and I tend to crave for adventure and thrill. This trip definitely fulfilled that wish. So I suggest planning your trip now, go do something extraordinary. Go out there and immerse yourself in things that you don't usually see everyday. Because you never know how much time you're wasting and the things that you're missing out on unless you put yourself out there.

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