11:11 Music Festival: World Beyond Wishes

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February is probably the busiest month I have ever had this academic year but there are certain events that I have been looking forward to for weeks. The 11:11 Music Festival is one of them. This Friday, De La Salle University's Economics Organization will be holding their first ever music festival but not only that; it will be the first college music festival that has Electro Dance Music (EDM) and Original Pilipino Music (OPM) merged into one event!

This event also promises games, music and hundreds of LED balloons floating in the sky as everyone makes a wish at 11:11. I have never been so excited over a music festival and I think that you should try your best to go to this event because it will definitely be one of a kind and may be just what you need. A break from all the work and stress sounds enticing doesn't it?

The music festival will start at 3 PM on February 20, Friday with the finalists of Battle of the Bands opening for the performances. While bands are playing in the background there will also be a picnic party so you can chill and appreciate the music with your friends! Indie bands like Banna Harbera, Stories Told WeeFee and Chasing Victoria will be playing as well as the OPM bands Urbandub, Franco and Paraluman! But that doesn't end there! Come night time and you'll be raving to the DJ Rammy Bitong, Benedict Pacia, Edleen Lim, Curse&Bless and DJ Ace Ramos! 

Don't hesitate to head on over to Greenfield District this Friday to relax and enjoy. It's going to be an amazing night filled with music, fashion, and wishes and I assure you that you won't regret going! Besides that, here's an ootd if you're having some trouble choosing or deciding what to wear! Make a wish!!

Credits to Gab Loste for the amazing photos!! Check out his really cool feed @gabpolitely on IG!
For more details:

Twitter: @1111MusicFest
Instagram: @1111musicfestival

Top from Cotton On// Sunnies by Charlie // Skirt from Miss Selfridge // Shoes from Michael Kors

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