11:11 Music Festival - 02.20.15

8:14 PM

I've been very excited for this event to come around and last February 20, 2015; it finally happened. The music fest included some performances from bands like Franco, Urbandub, etc. and was followed by sets from the amazing DJs Rammy Bitong, Curse and Bless, Edleen Lim and of course, DJ Ace Ramos. But my favorite part was when the clock hit 11:11 and balloons started flying around the place. I witnessed people closing their eyes and making wishes and there was something about the way a person looks like when he/she is full of hope and happiness and it was definitely one sight I will never forget. I would like to thank my friends Rina, Mika and Macy for accompanying me, Jean Caluban (one of the people behind the 11:11 Music Fest), the DLSU Econ Org and The SM Youth Crew for making it a fun and special night. I'd also like to thank the people who attended for being so welcoming and nice to all of us. Hopefully I'll get to see you guys again in the next events to come! Thank you for having us!

Credits to: Pioneer DJ, Art Oca Photography and Stolen Shots

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  1. omggg you're so luckyy! you saw tommy! <3


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