The State of Dreaming

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An anthem I've been living by these past few weeks is "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will". I'm not a very open person though a lot may say that I seem like an extrovert. For those who don't know me that well, I'm actually really weird and happy most of the time but to be honest, the past year has drained me and my spirit. But recently, things have been looking up for me and I guess the past experiences I've had made me appreciate what I have now. I like spreading positivity and seeing others happy and I think that this year, it's what I'd like to focus on doing alongside self improvement. And I think that everyone should aim for this as well; to spend some time with themselves and make others happy. This may sound a bit cheesy but I quote Walt Disney, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." A few seconds of insane courage can cause something amazing in your life and looking back at the times that I took crazy opportunities, they turned out to be the best decisions I have ever made. We often hold back because of our fears and doubts but then this year, try taking a shot and doing something that you'd really love to do. Don't hold back if you're really passionate about it. You will be surprised with the results of courage. Related to that, as I end this post I'd like to promote this org called "Action for Happiness". It's an org dedicated to the movement for positive change. If you'd like to know more about this, visit! 


This outfit was actually pulled together when it was still cold here in the Philippines. It gives a preppy vibe and for those entering college or going through interviews and you'd like to dress up, this look would be perfect. It gives off a clean, professional but classy look. Printed bottoms or a printed/sequined skirt will stand out and accentuate a solid colored top. Adding a basic leather satchel or bag would also fit an outfit like this. Pulling your hair back would be a necessity to give it a cleaner look as well. 

(Sweater from H&M, White collared top from Zara, Skirt designed by Emy Cruz, Black Bag from Gianni Versace, Grey heels from Steve Madden) 

Make-up by Rina Licup
Photography by Marc Abasolo (head on over to!)

Post title: The State of Dreaming by Marina and the Diamonds

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