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 I remember receiving the first leather jacket I have ever had and I was 12 years old and naive. I wore it a lot without caring about how hot it is because I thought it looked pretty cool. We all had that phase when we just wear trends because it looks "cool" or because everyone's wearing it. I remember wearing it a lot during the summer and whenever I look back, I actually feel bad for my 12 year old self. But a few months after wearing this leather jacket in the scorching heat, I eventually stopped and moved on to wearing cardigans.

But anyway, I recently found this leather jacket hidden in the depths of my closet and it fit perfectly. (Apparently it was too big for me before) It really sucks how I live in a tropical country because I looove wearing winter/fall clothing. But then it shouldn't stop you from still buying items that may be useful in the future. So here's an example; wearing a leather jacket as an accent.

Leather jackets can really make an outfit look different even when you add it as an accent. They have a very strong appeal and it makes outfits look more casual. I suggest wearing it with subtle prints (like the one i'm wearing) because if you wear something really strong with it, it would look too striking. (Unless you're aiming for that look). I named this post Arcadia because of the song I've been addicted to lately. It's named Arcadia by the Kite String Tangle and I recommend this song for those who listen to Indie Electronica or those looking for really chill music. I'll make a playlist for you guys soon so make sure you also watch out for that!

  Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Bershka, Jacket: Armani Exchange, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
                                                              Credits to: Marc Abasolo

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  1. I agree with you. Using a jacket lika as an accent is really good idea.


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